Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Need To Invest In Employee Training

 There is no manager who doesn’t want highly skilled specialists on their team. Unfortunately, a lot of these very same managers consider professional development to be the employee’s concern, not the company’s.

 If you believe that hiring an experienced employee trained by someone else is less expensive than training employees yourself, you are mistaken. Such an employee will never feel loyal and devoted to your company. They will be much more likely to leave than employees, in whom, you’ve invested time and money. Employees are your company’s most important assets. Their training and professional development is something you should invest heavily in.

 The Benefits of Investing in Employee Training and Development

 1. A Competitive Advantage Over Other Companies

Competition for talent is growing. Offering an employee a development program as part of your perks and benefits is a good way to attract candidates to your organization rather than your competitors.

 2. Increased Employee Loyalty

When a company invests in employee training and development, employees feel valued and appreciated. This makes them more loyal, and the more loyal your employees are, the more likely they are to both stay and to refer skilled friends and colleagues to work at the company. Plus, loyal employees are more engaged and motivated and require less supervision.

 3. Decreased Turnover

According to research employee replacement can cost a company between six and nine months of the departed employee’s salary. Aside from the direct financial losses, a high turnover rate also affects the company’s market position, profitability, and revenue. By training employees and investing in their career development, you can make them feel valued by your organization. This will lead to longer employee tenures and less turnover.

 4. Flexibility in the Market

Training and development programs can make a company more flexible in the market. When your employees are well trained, they are better able to respond to changes in the market, which ensures company success in the long term.


At Aditech we believe in continuous process of improvement and as a part of this initiative we have started investing in an in-house employee training system. We realise that having an employee-training program for the sake of just checking the box is a waste of time and money. Training and development are only good investments if they are effective, engaging and practical.

Our in-house training program has been developed by our top management. Senior members of our team are involved in creating, managing, and delivering training content.

 Using this method ensures –

1. Training happens within the company, and employees are not pulled off their main job duties to undergo or provide training for others.

2. No money is spent on paying for a trainer, renting spaces, attending conferences/sessions, airfare, food, or lodging.

3. Training can be conducted according to the individual employee’s schedule and aptitude.

4. This form of training allows valuable decision-making information—allowing leaders and managers to track employee progress and prevent them from falling behind.

5. A combination of various training methods, such as case-based, problem-based, scenario-based, and narrative-based are being used.

6. Training can be customised based on the organisations needs, priorities, employee’s interests and aptitude.

 Finally, we are pleased to share that our training program is a combination of discipline and practical knowledge. We are hoping that this employee training program will bring us great returns on investment. By investment we mean time and resources here. We believe that this new step is imperative for the growth of our organisation and the growth of our employees. We at Aditech ensure that our employees receive not only training, but also plenty of appreciation!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Our Journey In Business Process Improvement


APPL recently engaged in a Business Improvement Process by hiring experts and consultants to evaluate our internal systems and processes. The whole exercise was elaborate, exhausting and extremely demanding. The improvement process involves exhuming activities and getting to the core of things which may surprising not be performing as you had originally intended for it to perform. The entire experience is not only challenging mentally and physically, but can push you to the limit as you learn, investigate and then realise where the gaps lie in your existing systems.

It is never easy to implement new systems, new improved processes, and you may be faced with a lot of resistance as a team leader. There may be a need to replace some of the people in the system who may be a road block to you reaching your goals. Hiring new employees, opening up to new strategies and ideas poses its own challenges and teething problems.

As a leader of the organization, I was pushed to my limit and had to hold on to my patience, stay calm, composed and focused. It was not easy, but I can proudly say that we sailed through.

At this stage of the process improvement drive, I am convinced of its benefits and would like to share our purpose and experience for others to add value to their own businesses.

The need to bring in an external entity or task force to evaluate your existing systems is imperative. This works well as, an outsider with relevant experience would have a bird’s view and be able to see the gaps which may be missed by a person within the existing system.

Process improvements work best with a combination of external experts and core members of your team who have been driving the process that needs to be evaluated.

Any type of business process can be improved, from the most strategically important to the most mundane. Processes can be formal or informal. We were very clear with what we wanted and decided to move in that direction.

Below is Part 1 of our experience with APPLs Business process improvement.

Why did we want to explore a Business Process Improvement strategy?


The term “business process improvement” sounds straightforward enough: Making changes (improvements) to the way you work (your process) in order to see better results for your business.

While that definition is technically correct, in practice, business process improvement is a bit more complex. Business process improvement (also referred to as business process management (BPM), continuous improvement (CI), business process re-engineering, and others) is the practice of habitually identifying, analyzing, and improving business processes to optimize performance, improve quality, reduce waste, and create more value for customers.

Business process improvement isn’t a standalone activity: We have committed to practicing process improvement by identifying, evaluating and improving our existing processes on a continuous, proactive basis.

Process improvement isn’t just about fixing existing problems – it’s also about getting ahead of the competition.

That’s because at least some, if not all, of our competitors will be making such improvements. Succeeding in today’s business environment means constantly looking for ways to do things better.



 Why Business Process Improvement Matters?

Inefficient, poorly defined, or otherwise ineffective processes can lead to numerous problems:

·       Customers might complain about poor product quality or bad service

·       Team members get frustrated

·       Work might be duplicated or not completed at all

·       Costs can increase

·       Resources might be wasted

·       Bottlenecks can develop, causing teams to miss deadlines

Unhappy customers, stressed colleagues, missed deadlines, and increased costs are just some of the problems that dysfunctional processes can create.


Why we expect increased productivity and efficiency out of this ecxercise?

Effective practices that support business process improvement can help remove inefficiencies and ultimately improve the productivity of team members. We worked with our consultants and came up with practical methods for enhancing our existing processes. We are on our way to evaluate performance using metrics and evolve processes without restricting the way our team works. We have concluded that structured reporting and analytics provide insights into work trends and help to remove bottlenecks, predict future issues, and adapt workflow processes for improved productivity.

The outcome we expect from this activity:

·       Slowly over time we expect these process improvements to achieve a continuous flow of value by identifying hurdles sooner and resolving them more quickly. This will help us with Faster time to market.

·       We are confident that we are heading towards Improved product quality. In addition to accelerating development, our business process improvement will lead to higher product quality. For example, by deploying the proper testing methods, we are more assured that products will advance to production only when performance, security, integration, and other issues have been resolved.

·       Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty by producing higher-quality products and delivering them in a timely manner. Happy customers are often return customers, and that loyalty leads to increased revenue for businesses.

·       Improving employee morale by eliminating Inefficient processes which can be highly discouraging for workers. Who wants to be part of a system that’s broken and leads to frustration? Weak business processes can cause the morale of even the most hard-working employees to decline if they start to feel that all their efforts are being overwhelmed by the flaws of a system.


With this realisation we have begun our first phase of process improvement. We will keep sharing our experiences and insights in our journey.


Friday, October 30, 2020

Gifting Ideas!


Wondering what to gift your family and friends this festive season? Our products may just be the answer! With Covid-19 putting all our lives on hold, almost everything has shifted online. Our products have been designed specifically to help you through this ordeal!

The EasyWrk-

The EasyWrk helps increase both efficiency and comfort and reduces the risk of repetitive stress injury, which happens when you do something mundane like typing on a keyboard over and over again. A laptop stand will raise your screen to eye level preventing strain on your neck and back caused by a forced downward perspective. It can help you position the angle of your laptop so you can reduce screen glare. The EasyWrk laptop stand allows you to work comfortable from almost anywhere! Your coffee table, kitchen table, your couch-even your bed! With the new work and study from home culture, the average time a student or professional spends on the laptop is about 8 hours a day. Today, circumstances demand that we spend a considerable amount of time on our laptops. Your laptop should be at eye level, allowing your back to be straight and your elbows to be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Most tables and surfaces are not designed with this in mind. With the EasyWrk laptop stand, you can adjust how your body is positioned to your computer for the perfect work experience. It improves airflow, keeping your laptop cool in order to maintain longevity. The EasyWrk offers complete access to all your device ports and is compatible with all sizes of laptops and tablets!

The EasyCamCvr-

With everything online, our privacy is at great risk. The EasyCamCvr is your choice to privacy at will. This perfect little product ensures that your camera is off when you want it to be. The EasyCamCvr is easy to install and provides safety from hackers.

The EasyRead-

The EasyRead hands free reading stand holder can be used for books, iPads, photo albums, cookbooks, etc. It is portable, robust, lightweight and adjustable. It provides a range of viewing angles at 30, 60 and 90 degrees for your reading comfort. It saves space on cramped desks, tables and workstations. The EasyRead has adjustable page holders to ensure your book and electronic devices stay in place. Anti-slip grips on the stand keeps your EasyRead in place. It can also be hung for convenience.

The EasyMo-

The EasyMo mobile phone holder stand-cum-dangler is an innovative accessory which can be used as a dangler on your wall or at the back of the seat while travelling. It can also be converted to a stand-alone prop on your table, desk, bed or kitchen platform to support your mobile device for work, education and entertainment purposes. EasyMo provides a safe, versatile and functional solution whenever you need to view something on your mobile device for extended periods of time like online video calls, tutorials, webinars, meetings and entertainment programs. The EasyMo holds your mobile device in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) mode for maximum viewing ease. The EasyMo effectively locks your device with a simple mechanism that ensures the device is firmly secure and that there is no chance of slipping or damage. EasyMo is equipped with a cushioned anti-slip grip to protect your phone from scratches. It holds your phone in a minimally invasive way so that you can access your device ports at all times. The wide dangler fits on most hooks / projections and can be used to hang your mobile device at the back of the seat while travelling in budget airlines, buses, cars or cabs and taxis where no screen is available for entertainment or work while on the go. The EasyMo is compact in design, lightweight and easy to carry in your bag, travel pouch or purse.

The EasySpn-

Continuous work or study can be cumbersome. Break the monotony with a spinning top! The EasySpn Spinning Top has been designed for recreational and therapeutic purposes. Take a break from work and studies by indulging in a quick spin of this colourful! It improves fine motor skills in children and also in adults and seniors dealing with injuries or loss of function in fingers due to advancing age or injuries. The EasySpn is available in bright multi colours. The bright colours lift your spirits and induces a feeling of well-being. Its unique design helps destress and unwind after or during a hectic schedule.

The EasyFeed-

Spending so much time on electronic devices can be stressful…what can help with that better than a touch of nature? The EasyFeed bird-feeder is ideal for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers. Easy to clean and refill, it is a great option to care for your pet birds and encourage wild birds to visit your home, yard or garden. The EasyFeed- bird feeder works as a seed and water dispenser. It can be placed inside the cage for pet birds, poultry or placed outside on your garden lawn, window sill, balcony or any flat surface for wild birds. It has been designed to encourage birds to perch comfortably while feeding. The EasyFeed bird feeder’s unique design makes dispensing of water and grain automatic and convenient. The simple and thoughtful design of the EasyFeed ensures there is very little wastage due to spillage. The EasyFeed can hold approx. 375 g of grain or 468 ml of water. Using an EasyFeed bird feeder can bring you closer to nature and create a small but significant impact on our environment. Enjoy the chirping of birds all day long for a therapeutic experience!

DISCLAIMER: While placing the EasyFeed Bird Feeder outdoors, please be informed that it may take a few days to a few months for birds to start gathering to feed. This is an organic process and requires patience!


They say that the thought behind the gift matters more than the gift itself; but a thoughtful gift matters the most. So this festive season, Make It Happen!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Aditech presents the EasyWrk...

Introducing our brand new product, the EasyWrk Laptop and Tablet Stand with complimentary Mobile Holder Stand-cum-Dangler.  EasyWrk helps create both efficiency and comfort, making multitasking far easier. EasyWrk also reduces the risk of repetitive stress injury, which happens when you do something seemingly mundane like typing on a keyboard, over and over again. A laptop stand will raise your screen to eye level, preventing strain on your neck and back caused by a forced downward perspective. Our ergonomic laptop stand can help you position the angle of your laptop in a way that enables you to reduce screen glare, which can otherwise lead to eye strain and headaches. You can dramatically improve your work life and make a significant difference in your performance and overall health by using our product.

With the new work and study from home culture, the average time a student or professional spends on the laptop is about 8 hrs in a day. Today circumstances demand that we spend a considerable time on our laptops viewing / typing etc. If you're a regular user, your laptop should be at eye level, allowing your back to be straight and your elbows bent at a comfortable 90 degrees. Most tables and surfaces, aren’t designed with this in mind. EasyWrk has three adjustable angles to choose from. Computer Vision Syndrome, or eye strain caused by digital screens is a reality and is a fairly serious ailment. The EasyWrk Laptop Stand allows you to work from almost anywhere---your coffee table, kitchen table, your couch – even from your bed if you are having a lazy day.

 Keeping your laptop cool is critical for maintaining its longevity. Heat, generally speaking, is the enemy of electronics. One of the most pervasive sources of heat comes from the inability for air to flow underneath your laptop. EasyWrk solves this problem by elevating the device so as to encourage airflow. Not only does it protect your computer’s internal components, but also your body from potential burns. The EasyWrk offers complete access to all your device ports.

Proper cable management means ease of access and less strain on plugs and devices.

The EasyWrk Laptop stands is ideal for this purpose – route your cables underneath to keep your room, office, and desk both neat and tidy. EasyWrk plays an important role in reducing clutter on your desk. The EasyWrk is compatible will all sizes of laptops and tablets for a comfortable work experience.

A complimentary Mobile Holder Stand cum Dangler along with EasyWrk is being offered as well. *This is a limited period offer.

For further enquiries, contact-9820252524

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

My Atmanirbhar Story...


Hailing from a business family, I naturally took my father’s legacy forward and was successful in creating a stable business over time. Our core business - New Product development involved highly creative and confidential work. All our work was bound by non-disclosure agreements and protecting the intellectual property of our clients was critical.

Due to the sensitive nature of this industry it was never possible to actively advertise our expertise in any conventional way. We relied heavily on word of mouth and references in our line of work. Over the years, with hard work and dedication, we successfully built a reputation of speed and reliability in the New Product Design Industry and were a great hit with our clients.  In 2015, an unfortunate event rattled our company. One of our long-term primary customers was dealing with an internal problem in their organization and an unforeseen repercussion of their internal problems lead to a fallout between us.

We were hugely impacted and the episode managed to wipe out almost 70% of our total business overnight, forcing me to deal with the fact that dependency on key customers needs to be bare minimum.  The following months were extremely challenging and I started toying with the idea of launching our own product line. Our core business made it relatively simple to derive from our experiences and it was logical to be able to design our own products. I had always wanted to venture into my own product line but lacked the motivation and time. The sudden turn of events on the professional front now made exploring this option very viable and necessary.

The step came with its own risks and my team rose to the occasion. Primary ideas were plotted, research work undertaken. All this without hampering the existing workflow. Design, development and manufacturing was the easy part, the challenging unexplored territory was - marketing and selling our products. This was something new and we had never had the need to venture into this area in the past.

Over time, we partnered with Amazon and started selling our products online. Amazon managed our marketing, shipping, warehousing and customer experience needs effectively, leaving us to focus on our core competency - Product Development. Today we have 4 successful in-house products being sold on Amazon and more in the pipeline. We are well on our way to becoming Atmanirbhar….

As an entrepreneur I now walk the fine line between effectively managing our core business and focusing on our new journey towards being Atmanirbhar…

Story credit - Siddharth Ghorpade | Managing Director | Aditech Plastics Pvt. Ltd.

 EasyRead Reading Stand 
EasyMo Mobile Holder Stand cum Dangler

EasyFeed Bird Feeder - Grain and Water dispenser

EasyRead Pro for 1000+ page Books

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Conceptualization - How an idea is born and turned into a functioning product..

        Conceptualization:  The act or process of forming an idea or principle in your mind – This is the first stepping stone towards the inception of anything worthwhile. It first starts in your imagination, a mere concept or an idea that may or may not be feasible. Aditech specializes in addressing the feasibility of your ideas, converting your ideas into functional designs. Aditech prides itself in possessing the required skill set and tools to convert your ideas into real tangible products….We make it Happen!

The EasyMo Story…  

EasyMo is one of Aditech's in-house products and the short story below is an account of how this product was conceptualized, developed and manufactured.

 Story Credit - Siddharth Ghorpade  l Managing Director  l  Aditech Plastics Pvt. Ltd.

The summer of 2019 was witness to the birth of an idea which went on to become one of our most popular and innovative value for money products.

While on a family vacation to Phuket, the budget airline we were booked on lacked in-house entertainment options. The flight, which was a couple of hours long had restless passengers resorting to their mobile phones to get them through the dull, long journey ahead. Inquisitive by nature, I realised that everyone around me was struggling to handle their phones, unable to attain a comfortable position for viewing. Shifting hands and cricking necks were all around me. I spend the entire flight brooding on how this can be resolved.

The unpleasant experience stayed with me and was instrumental in the birth of an idea – A holder that was simple in design, minimally invasive and gave access to all your device ports. Something which could work as a substitute for tired hands, could be hung or converted to a stand-alone support for your mobile device.

Post our vacation I headed back to our creative team and shared this idea. The seed of a new design concept was sown.  Numerous brain storming sessions resulted in various sketches, modifications and improvements in design. The test phase had 3D modelling and prototyping initiated before the final tools for EasyMo were created. Development work on its packaging and marketing was being handled simultaneously. And in a record time of 7 months from inception we were ready to launch. EasyMo has since gone on to be a huge success on online platforms in India and world markets especially as a corporate gift option.

Watch this  short video for the final product that was created....


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Plastic Chronicles - Maintain Balance...Reuse Recycle Reject - Responsibly

If You Want to Change the World, Start off by making your bed - William McRaven, US Navy Admiral


Most of us would have come across Admiral McRaven’s thundering speech about how a simple task like making your own bed can be the stepping stone to actually making a difference towards changing the world. Some may find it inspirational while others may see it as a condescending statement…


You mean to say people who don’t make their beds don’t go on to achieve greatness ? Abraham Lincoln arguably the greatest president the US has seen, suffered from clinical depression and bipolar disorders. He went on to abolish slavery among many other achievements. If he had chosen to address his mental problems first (make his own bed) slavery would probably still have existed.


Better still, those of us who are able to draw inspiration from the admiral’s speech may agree that a simple task like making your bed enforces a sense of accomplishment which gives an individual the motivation and discipline to go on and achieve bigger goals.


Like most things in this world there are multiple sides to everything. A positive, a negative and even a neutral outlook on almost all matters.

For the sake of this post - Our focus rests on Plastic.


Since its commercial development, plastic has been a huge success. Omnipresent plastic has grown in production exponentially across the globe due its remarkable qualities. We have already established its efficacy in our last post.


Today with the undeniable benefits of having plastic around us, there is also significant data and facts available on how plastic has contributed to increasing levels of pollution world over. So Plastic, like everything else around us is multi-faceted. It has a positive, a negative and maybe a neutral side too.

As an educated audience it is safe to assume that most of us recognise the benefits of plastic, are concerned about any drawbacks and definitely have an opinion on its use / misuse.


It has been established that Negligence is the main cause of pollution. There are many factors that have contributed to global pollution over the years. Plastic is one of them.


It is estimated that 80% of marine litter comes from land. This pollution comes mainly from poorly recycled household waste, littering and irresponsible dumping in landfills. Such waste is carried by the winds, natural disasters like floods and is pushed by the rains into sewers, streams, rivers, and finally in the oceans.



So, is there a way to tackle the increasing pollution?

Cleaning up our oceans is a significant first step but definitely not a long-term solution, the best way to address global pollution is to change our mindsets and habits with this controversial but immensely useful material: PLASTIC


1. Reuse

Plastic may be a cause for pollution when poorly managed but it has lots of advantages too, such as being resistant. Many plastic items can therefore be reused or used for different purposes. Before throwing away plastic items, it is important to consider how they can be reused.

2. Recycle and Reject

Plastic recycling consists of collecting plastic waste and reprocessing it into new products. Manufacturers of FMCG goods and other industries using plastic as packaging for their products should have a moral responsibility to promote collection and recycling of their packaging.

Rejection / disposal of plastic waste should be taken up only after exploring options of reuse and recycling.

3. Educate
Another important influencer in finding solutions is educating ourselves and others to increase awareness and behavioural change.

Each of us can contribute by being accountable and adopting an approach that suits us best. We can choose to make our own bed or step out and clean the oceans and change the world. Either way, each step big or small will help…


Finally it is important to credit Plastic with the fact that as a versatile material it has contributed towards various sectors, not just as a convenient option for everyday life but in ALL areas of life. So, if we choose to look beyond the controversy we have to agree that Plastic protects our energy consumption, creates jobs, adds a lot of value to the human race. 

Let us do our bit…Maintain Balance -  Reuse Recycle Reject responsibly.


Aditech – Make It Happen…


The Need To Invest In Employee Training

 There is no manager who doesn’t want highly skilled specialists on their team. Unfortunately, a lot of these very same managers consider pr...